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Religions in Mongolia


By now Mongolia’s main religion is Buddism, with 90% of the whole population are Buddhists. The rest are Muslims, Shamanist and few Christians. Mongolians; first religion was shamanism, it arose during the clan structure. At that time it was simple, just magic. According to archeological findings, about 100000-40000 years before the people lived on the land of today’s Mongolia had this religion. On the ancient earth, every clan had a


Published: 2011-01-26 Read: (4616) Rate: (0) Comment: (0) shamanism The nomads of the vast expanse of the Mongolian steppes shared a vision of the universe and the world of human experience that was characterized by religious concepts, rituals and magical practices that came to be known as shamanism from the word " shaman." The shaman was a kind of a priest or


Published: 2011-01-26 Read: (5708) Rate: (0) Comment: (0) buddhism in Mongolia Larry Moses traces the first contact of the Mongolians with Buddhism back to the 4th century A.D. By that time the T´o-pa Wei dynasty would have some influence on the Juan-juan dynasty which dominated Mongolia at that time. A later Buddhist influence is that of the Kitan in the 10th century,