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This web site is a public portal, which supports responsible tourism development in Mongolia. It helps both travelers and industry people to obtain and exchange accurate information about Mongolian travel and tourism, to deliver and exchange up to date tourism news promptly.

Tourists who are travelling to Mongolia can get actual and latest information about Mongolian tourism condition, tourist attractions and service quality from this website. Moreover travelers have possibility to look for Mongolia travel review of others and to write their own Mongolia travel experience and travel comments.

Travel and tourism industry communities and companies can advertise good practices of their operation and responsible travel initiatives and work here for free.

This site will be a good platform for tourist companies to develop their co-operation and exchange information about industry human recourse, suppliers' facility and other operational issues they face in reality.

This portal is sponsored by Mongolian Responsible Tourism Development Fund and created under 'Let's develop Responsible Tourism in Mongolia' project, is developed by independent travelers, tourism and IT experts.

Mongolia travel forum
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Main purpose of travel forum is sharing knowledge, information and opinion of tourism between teachers, students, tourism experts, tourists, and private people. You can upload your knowledge or you want to know to forum as a subject.

Information source for living/working/travel in Mongolia

Create date: 2014-01-28, Views: 1, Replies: 0 has current information for living, working, and independent travel in Mongoli

Information source for living/working/travel in Mongolia

Create date: 2014-01-28, Views: 1, Replies: 0
Information and advice for traveling, living and working in Mongolia, written by team of Mongolians


Create date: 2014-01-22, Views: 380, Replies: 66
What's the best time to visit Terelj National Park to enjoy autumn colors?

Weather and Local time in Ulaabaatar, Mongolia